Dual Control Power Switch Plate - UN-3800-05
Electrically-Locked Hand-Operated Switch Plate - UN-3800-06

These plates are specially designed to help represent the action that a prototype train crew would take to place a dual control power switch in the "HAND" or local control position. The electrically locked hand operated switch plate includes a location for an "Unlocked" LED or lamp just as prototype electric locking mechanisms have.
A variety of toggle switches, push buttons, spring return toggle switch, and key switches can be used in conjunction with this plate. To achieve alternate realism we suggest a key operated switch for the padlock or selector lever mechanism. Due to of the variety and sizes of switches and push buttons one could use, only the four outer mounting holes are punched for 1/8 inch. This allows the individual modeller to drill what ever size hole for his individual needs!

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